How to Remove tooth decay – teeth whitening

tooth decay

Here, Ayurvedic Expert Dr. Ravi Singh is telling you some Ayurvedic remedies, with the help of which your yellow teeth will become white, and remove tooth decay.

Some measures will begin to appear immediately. They have to follow you in the manner described. Let’s know about the measures.

teeth whitening

How to Remove tooth decay

Apply a pinch of rock salt in the lemon peel and rubbing it to the teeth, it causes the teeth spots to go away.

Lemon contains vitamin C, and salt cleans the dirt according to Ayurveda, hence it is a wonderful tool for teeth.

With this yellow teeth become white, and the decomposition of your teeth is also removed.

Combine half a spoonful of turmeric powder with some drops of water, by making a thick paste in a toothbrush, the teeth are cleaned.

Turmeric itself is yellow but it makes the teeth white and unblemished.

Bananas contain high amounts of potassium, magnesium and manganese, which help to remove the stains of teeth.

Therefore, to remove the stains of tooth from the banana, it is advisable to rub the inner surface of the baked banana peel on your teeth for two minutes. Use this for approximately 15 days.

Loric acid present in coconut oil helps in cleansing the accumulated plaque on teeth.

Coconut oil contains anti-microbial properties, so you can put the coconut oil in the mouth for a while. This will also clear the teeth.

Vitamin C, which is present in strawberries, helps break the plates of Danto, which is the main cause of pimples of dentures, and it also contains enzymes called malic acid which help in cleansing stains. Make a paste of cooked strawberries and clean the teeth.

Apple vinegar removes the yellowness of your teeth, gives you instant white and shiny smiles.

Actually it is able to do internal cleansing of your teeth with depth and tenderness.

This gives you similarity to the pH even if you have acidity, and the teeth appear to be more clean, white and shiny than before.

Not only this, it also helps keep your gums healthy.

tooth decay

How to Remove tooth decay

You do not need to do much to polish your teeth with this vinegar.

Just take half a teaspoon apple vinegar in a cup of water and brush your teeth with the help of your toothbrush until your teeth are completely clean.

As you remove the stains of teeth, gradually your teeth will glow.

But before using it, you must take special care of certain things. Know what they are –

  1. Shake the bottle well when using apple vinegar, then use it only.
  2. Mixing without water can be detrimental because it is natural acid.
  3. Avoid excessive use of it, and do not use it more than once a day.Otherwise it can damage the surface of your teeth.

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How to Remove tooth decay

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