lower back pain

lower back pain

Sitting on a chair for hours continuously throughout the day, due to unnecessary work and busy routine, she often complains of lower back pain.

Pain also persists for several days, weeks or months.

There are many reasons for back pain. In this article we will talk about the possible causes of waist pain, and the results of research on this topic.

Scientists have researched pain on the lower back of the waist. Researchers believe that the reason for this may be hidden in your genes.

After studying the UK’s 4,600 people, it was found that Park-II was the cause of age problems associated with age-related disorders.

Generally every third woman in middle age is having spinal problems. Experts believe that about 80 percent of these diseases are inherited.

Experts expect that after the secret of this gene, it will be easy to find effective treatment of back pain. Also, it will also help in developing new technologies for this.

This study was done by researchers from King’s College of London. MRIs of all those involved in this study and the difference in their genetic make-up were also seen.

lower back pain

Why is Lower Back Pain

Deformation of the lumbar disc reduces fluid in the inner parts of the spine.

At the same time, their length also decreases. In this, bones grow in adjacent areas, which are called ‘Osteohephitis‘. It starts to cause pain in the lower part of the waist.

different forms

Researchers found that there were different varieties of Park 2 gene present in the disks in their disks.

And its impact was on what was rapidly declining in his situation.

The researchers said that to know how the effect of genes would be, more research would still be required.

They also say that food and lifestyle can make some changes in the genes.

other reason

There is also a back pain due to sitting, walking and sleeping bad posture, too much stress, wrong work done in the gym, sitting on a long chair, lifting heavy things, discarding the disc and deteriorating the body’s balance.

Apart from this, due to calcium deficiency, weakening of bones, stretching in joints, wearing high heeled shoes and walking and standing in the wrong posture also cause back pain.

Causes and Treatment of Waist Pain

How to defend

To avoid waist pain, practice yoga like Veerabhadrasana, Bhujangasan etc. Exercise core stress.

When lifting heavy items or any items from the bottom, first bend the knee and raise it again.

Exercise Split Stretch; To do this, spread the legs on the ground and try to touch the soles.

If there is pain in the waist then sit on the stool or chair at least 6 inches above the ground and try to touch the soles by putting the feet down.

Do not sit in the wrong posture while standing and keeping the weight on the front of the feet while standing.

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