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flower quotes

flower quotes

1. “By breaking the petals you do not collect the beauty of flowers.”

2. “Hope is only a bee that makes honey without flowers.”

3. “Flowers alone do not have to be jealous of many thorns.”

4. “You always have a little scent in the hands of the rose.”

flower quotes

flower quotes

5. “Flowers do not bloom” seed “has to be buried.”

6. “Forgiveness is the fragrance that leaves a flower in the same hands, whose hands have broken it.”

7. “We can learn from a full-heartedness how we can enhance our happiness by furthering ourselves and others without selfishness.”

8. “Every flower is a soul enacted in nature.”

9. “Things which are hurting at the blossom, they also look for thorns too early.”

10. “You learn to laugh with flowers, learn from the sound of the song from the whirlpool, yielding yield.”

11. “Flowers fragrance spreads only for limited time in limited air. But the goodness of a person lives far and away in the world for more time. “

12. “Autumn is like a second spring when all the leaves become a flower.”

13. “All the flowers keep the light in the depths of their roots.”

14. “Earth laughs in flowers.”

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15. “Just do not live … there should be a sun, freedom, and a little flower.”

16. “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunny, food and medicine for the soul.”

17. “Deep in their roots, all flowers keep light.”

18. “Every flower is a soul blooming in nature.”

19. “You can cut all the flowers but you can not stop spring from coming.”

20. “I believe that every flower breathes in the air!”

21. “Flowers make me irrationally happy.”

  • Surrounded by thorns, flowers from all sides,
  • Still feeding remains, how happy it is!
  • We have no objection to breaking that flower
  • But he takes away the scent of break

Cute photo of flower

The flowers that you think so beautiful

If dry, the eyes look bad.

In whose hands came I gave a flower,

The stone of his hand is looking for me

What if a butterfly came to us

Paper Flowers and Leaves We decorated the ages

flower quotes

love quotes for her

“Someday you will kiss a man without whom you can not breathe and you will find that breathing is of little importance”.

“You know you’re in love when you can not get to sleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams.”

“There is never a time or place for true love, it happens accidentally, in an instant, in a single intermittent and throbbing moment.”

“Promise me that you will never forget me because if I thought you would, I would never leave.”

“She was ready to deny the existence of space and time instead of admitting that love might not be eternal.”

love quotes for her | Spanish love quotes

“Then, I love you because the whole universe conspired to help me find you.”
love quotes for her

“So it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be very difficult, we’re going to have to work on this every day, but I want to do it because I love you, I love you all, forever, every day, you and me. .. every day.”

“They say that when you miss someone you probably feel the same, but I do not think it’s possible that you miss me as much as you do right now.”

“I love you without knowing how, nor when, nor from where, I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know another way of loving but this one, in which there is nobody”.

or you, so intimate that your hand on my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes are closed “.

“Lost love is still love, it takes a different form, that’s all.

You can not see their smile or bring them food or ruffle their hair or move them around the dance floor.

But when those senses weaken, another rises. It becomes your partner. You feed it, and hold it. You dance with him. “

“Anyone who falls in love looks for the pieces that they lack themselves, so anyone who is in love becomes sad when they think of their lover.

It’s like going back into a room where you have good memories, one you have not seen in a long time. “

love quotes for her | Spanish love quotes | love quotes for her

flower quotes

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flower quotes

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