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nba scores today

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nba scores 


It’s disappointment personality. Lebron James, universally accepted as the best player in the universe, is being haunted and beaten by a concept he once had a champion.


nba scores

nba scores

Super team – nba scores

In this case, it is the Golden State Warriors dinner ogre, the team that can take him out of Cleveland again.

James said, “We have so far won two of these games in this three-game series and have not come up with it,” James said, whose cavaliers are excited about extinction because Warriors complete 4-0 NBA Looking to do the finals what can happen in the last game in Cleveland on Friday.

“Obviously, with a talent perspective, if you are seeing Golden State with your top five players from your top five best players, you would say that they are better than us.”

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No arguments – nba scores

During a nearly 20-minute media session on Thursday, James said, “Let’s just speak the truth, when he explained that the warrior Kevin Durant and Stephen Currie have been loaded with two former MVPs, as well as Clay Thompson” is. .. can take a team. ”

Do not ignore Drumond Green, “rationally one of the best defenders and brains in our game.”

And in the Bench 2015 final MVP Andre Igouda has stopped Sean Livingston with number 4 overall pick and former all-star David West. So they have a lot of talent.

So do CAV, LeBron said. But not as much as the warriors, who also have “brain”. All NBA players can play, but those who think they take title trophies.


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It was a lack of talent that brought James from Cleveland to Miami in 2010, where he worked together with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to win two championships.

Miami followed the blue print of Celtics, who worked together with Paul Allian with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnet and Rajan Rondo.

James said, “I knew that my talent level in Cleveland could not have been successful in going back to Boston because he knew what was inside the previous experiences of Bobsk and Wade.” I knew his mind. I knew how he thought the game more than just playing the game. ”

James returned to Cleveland, where he saw an emerging stud in Curie Irving, whom he tried to make mentally strong.

“We are all NBA players, everybody knows how to put the ball in the bounce. But who can think during the game?” James said, looking at the difficulty in his point, “those who do not really play They know, they really do not know what I’m talking about.

They just think that you go out, and, ‘Oh, Lebron, you are bigger and faster and stronger than all, you should drive every time and you should sting each and every game and you should never get tired, never.’ Video game.”

The CAV gathered a talented, mentally tough team with tools to remove the warriors before June 2.


nba scores

nba scores

nba scores today | nba playoffs | nba standings | nba schedule | nba results – nba scores

James said, “We come back from 3-1 and we beat them, but this was the best regular season – maybe I have ever played the best team.”

So warriors have said so far, “NBA has ever seen one of the best players.”

Then the CAV is behind. But are they so far behind the golden kingdom that James leaves? coin flip. Some say that it will be bolt. Some say that they will stay. If warriors are considered, why do they go west, unless a potential super team appeals to Houston? In the past, do Boston or Philadelphia understand? Does he win, hoping that the 8th pick of the cave can be an inter maker like Jason Taitom?

So someone asked Levon, “Without trying to say anything negative,” he was now feeling about the competitive level of the CAV.

James laughed, “You’re really trying to say something to me.”

So frustration knows that CAV can be 2-1 instead of 0-1.

“This patriot (or) likes to play San Antonio,” James said. “Room for error is not slim for anyone. When you make mistakes, they pay you because they are more talented than you, but they also have the brain, and they also have championship DNA.”

nba scores today | nba playoffs | nba standings | nba schedule | nba scores

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