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lily flower

lily flower

Lily flowers are famous for its beautiful aroma and shape. In flower petals, there are brown or pink character lines on the outside and there is a yellow or white aura inwards. Its stem is several feet high and it has an endless flower or an endless flower cluster.

lily flower – pink lily

Pink Lily

Lily is the important flower of the Skandia square. It is a member of the Lillian Total. Its flowers are very beautiful, attractive, shiny and of different colors.

The most sought after in the lilies is the Oriental and Asiatic Hybrid Lily. Lily species include Tiger Lilly, Madonna Lily, Chinese Lily, Japanese Lili, White Aster Lily etc.

  • Lily’s flower trumpet-shaped flowers are of 6-inch diameter.
  • Their color is white, yellow, pink, red or orange, with a deeper color on the inner leaf.
  • The botanical name is Lilium.
  • lily flower plants are rigid, arduous.

Tiger Lily – This is a perennial flower that can grow up to three inches in width. Its petals are orange and black spots on it make it Tiger Lily.

tiger lily
Tiger Lily
  • tiger lily flower has a special type of smell and its two varieties are Oriental and Common Vital Lover.
  • Due to the medicinal value of Tiger Lily, its use is helpful in reducing nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.
  • Tiger Lily helps in suppressing the aggressive tendency of a person and helps in spiritual healing.

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football lily

football Lily – It blossoms only once in the flowering year, and the time to give flowers is also sure it blooms between June 15 and 20.

In a week this flower is over and its leaves come in a few days. Lily has originated in the Northern Hemisphere, Asia, North America, and the Mediterranean.

  • lily flower had religious significance during the historical period.
  • it has been used in art, literature, and gardens everywhere.
  • lily flower is one of the most important flowers of such a kind.
  • Most lilies are single-branched, on which there is a thin pointed leaf.
  • Charming flowers seem to be on top of the branch.
  • Flowers are fully grown and 6 petals. Lily is divided into eight parts.
calla lily
Calla Lily

This classification has been done mainly on the basis of floral per-Dundee, floral shape and flower position. Of these, only two classifications are Asiatic and Oriental species.

  1. Oriental Lily Apo is given to the elders, especially to express gratitude and respect for their loved ones.
  2. Orange Lily – Used to apologize to anyone.
  3. Lily flowers also meet in white, orange, yellow and red
  4. Many species of Lily, once considered to be the overseas flower, are now being grown in our country too.
  5. It is also being exported to Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
  6. Its seeds come mostly from the Hollandse. These flowers meet in the market from December to March.
  7.  It can be planted with the help of seeds and bulbs.

lily flower

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