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indian comedian uk

indian comedian uk

  1. Russell Peters, Canada indian comedian uk

Russell Peters was born in Toronto with an Anglo-Indian lineage and started his comedy in 1989.

His achievements include attendances in various comedy festivals such as winning Gemini Award in 2008, Just for Los and David Frost Comedy Festival Special, and Talk Show on BBC TV.

Their quick wit and improvement skills are sold in many countries around the world.

Russell is known for keeping his audience with his humorous observations of various castes and cultures, including Indian audience.

indian comedian uk

Russell Peters, Canada

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2. Arj Barker, USA indian comedian uk

This American stand-up comedian and Indian European-origin actor believe that he loves Australia, and partly lives here where his biggest fan base is.

In 1989, Arjun Singh started his career as a comedian and adopted the platform name – Arj Barker,

He is often seen in Australian comedy festivals, thanks to God, you are here and hosted the Comedy Central Gala twice.

His second claim to fame is about his stand-up comedy-inspired web series and the poppy is about himself and animated cat.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

indian comedian uk

3. Lilly Singh (Superwoman), Canada indian comedian uk

With its three million subscribers of its YouTube channel Lily Singh, aka Superviman, there is an internet star on the rise.

Their vlogs, skits and stand-up acts currently carry on various daily issues. This 25-year-old Canadian entertainer, born for Punjabi parents, remains true and proud on their Indian roots.

His goal in his work is to showcase Indian culture and characters inspired by Punjabi heritage.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

  1. Mindy KalingUSA indian comedian uk

Distinguished by Time Magazine as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’, Mindy Kalinga is often known as the new queen of comedy in America.

She is known as Kelly Kapoor at NBC’s sitcom The Office. The talented actor, comedian, writer, producer and director born for Indian parents has been nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, which is five times as the creator of the office.

His humorous memories in 2011, is everyone hanging without me? And other concerns were well received by critics.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

indian comedian uk

Meera Syal Married to comedian Sanjiv Bhaskar

5. Sanjeev Bhaskar, UK

As No. 42 host of Kumars, Sanjeev Bhaskar Jat is a face that is universally recognized. British Indian comedian, actor and broadcaster, OBE for his services for drama in 2005. Was awarded.

He has acted in British films including BBC Two Comedy Series Goodness Greyus Me and Anita and Me and The Guru.

He was recognized by The Observer as one of the 50 most fun acts in British comedy in 2003.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

6. Paul Verghese, USA indian comedian uk

This Indian American comedian lives in Dallas and is often called the funniest stand-up comic in Dallas.

His work revolves around his observations as an Indian. He has performed in Canada on Just For Los Festivals, Last Comic Standing and HBO Comedy Festival.

7. Aziz Ansari, USA indian comedian uk

According to Hollywood Reporter Aziz Ansari, in recent years comedy is one of the most spectacular writers and artists on the scene.

Born for Indian parents in the US, Aziz started his career as a stand-up comedian in 2000.

He went on to make MTV’s critically acclaimed comedy show Human Giant and to create a star.

He is known for his role as Tom Haverford in NBC Parks and Entertainment. Aziz released his first CD / DVD on Comedy Central in 2010 and continued touring as a stand-up comedian.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

  1. Dan Nainan, USA indian comedian uk

Dan Nainan, is half Indian, half Japanese and usually forms the basis of his stand-up comedy performance on his personal ethnic experiences.

She is an American comedian with a mission, in 2007 Nainan opened Bethesda comedy club in Washington DC with the aim of promoting a clean comedy.

His book How to Full Time stand-up comedian was published in 2012. Nainan has performed in countries around the world including Australia, United Arab Emirates, India and Ireland.

indian comedian uk | stand up comedy indian | indian comedian | comedy

7. indian comedian Meera Syal, UK

Married to comedian Sanjiv Bhaskar since 2005, his comedy is a match in heaven.

Following a Punjabi Jat Indian background, Meera Seal is a famous British comedian, actor, singer, producer and writer who coined the grandmother of coincidence. In 42nd in Kumars sent the audience with their performance.

He was awarded MBE in 1997, he has written two novels along with several scripts and screenplays.

10. Asif Mandvi, USA indian comedian uk

He is best known for his performance on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on John Stewart, but Asif Mandvi’s career as actor, comedian and writer is much more spectacular.

The birth centenary of Mumbai has appeared in many films and television shows including Merchant-Ivory’s Mystic Maser, Sex and the City, Law and Order and Miami Vice, few names.

He also has an OBE award under a Baby for his useless game Sakina’s restaurant, which looks at the Indian American immigrant experience.

indian comedian uk

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