the quiet place

the quiet place

A Quiet Place is a 2018 American horror movie. The film directed by John Kristiansky, who works with real-life partner Emily Blunt.

the quiet place is made by Michael Bay’s company Platinum Dunes, which also runs Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller.

Scott Beck and Brian Woods started working on this story in 2014, and Paramount Pictures bought their space script in 2017.

Christynsky also joined it as director and wrote a new draft script. Later it was its principal photography in New York.

In the quiet place, a family has to live life in silence while hiding from the organism, which hunts specifically with the sound.


Cast the quiet place

Emily Blunt as Leili’s wife Evelyn Abbott, and mother for her three children, Reagan, Marcus and Beau.

She is a doctor and is pregnant with her fourth child at the beginning of the film. Krasinski wants to describe his character to ensure that his children are “fully formed, completely thinking people”.

In the form of John Krinsky, Le Abbott, the father of Evelyn, an engineer, and father of Reagan, Marcus, and Beau. Christynsky described his character as a living person who is focused on achieving his family every day.

Millicent Simmonds as a sister of desert Abbott, Lee and Evelyn, and Marcus and Beau’s sister.

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Kristiansky said that she searched for a deaf actress, “… for many reasons, I did not want a non-deaf actress to pretend to be deaf.

Most importantly, because a deaf actress will help ten times my understanding of my knowledge and circumstances. I wanted someone to teach me about that on the set. “

Noah Zappa plays Marcus Abbott, Lee and Evelyn’s oldest son, and the brother of Reagan and Beau.

Kristiansky saw Zupa in the 2016 MiniSyears The Night Manager and later saw the initial screening of the 2017 film Suburbicon to evaluate the performance of Zupa.

Lee and Evelyn’s younger son, play the role of Beau Abbott, Case Woodward.

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the quiet place

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