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The beautiful village of Himachal Pradesh – Kasol

The name of Shimla and Kullu-Manali comes in our mind as we hear the name of Himachal Pradesh.

But do you know that in Himachal Pradesh there is also a lot of places besides Shimla and Kullu Manali, where you will also find snowy hills like Kullu Manali and a lot of adventure too?

Yes, there is a similar village in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol, which is situated on the banks of the Parvati river.

Kasol was not the most famous among tourists earlier, but now this small hill station is becoming very popular among the tourists.

This village, situated on the banks of the Parvati river, is situated just 40 km away from Kullu.

This village adventure is very special for lovers because they can comfortably enjoy the shade of the stars in the lap of nature.

‘Little Switzerland’ settled in India – crossroad! A village is not as popular as Himachal Pradesh and Hill Station, due to which you will also find the crowds of tourists very less.

As you enter the Kasol town near Manali in Himachal, you see the tents and steep motorcycles in front of them.

All the restaurants in the restaurant here are in Hebrew. Instead of greeting you will hear ‘Shalom’ and you will be confronted by many Israelis roaming around.

That’s why this area is called Mini Israel. Here are the waving waves in the evening breeze, Israeli flags with Tibetan or Star of David.

So let’s go today with a few pictures of Kasol


Kasol is a small place in Himachal Pradesh, in many ways it is different and hence the fond of tourists are coming here.

Let’s know some special things about this place …

  1. The Parvati river that is present here makes this place very beautiful.
  2. It is located about 42 km from Kullu, which is about 1640 meters high.
  3. Staying in Kasol, you can visit other places like Tosh and Kheer Ganga.
  4. It is a small place compared to Shimla or Manali and here itself can be felt closer to Nature.
  5. Here you can find hotels to stay in cheap.
  6. There are also many famous and beautiful cafes in Kasol.

India boasts of natural beauty in its diversity, its state is famous for its different beauty.

The confluence of old heritage and new architects cannot be found anywhere else. Speaking of geographical beauty, there is a desert on the one side and snow on the other side.

Wherever the temples have abundance, then the pagoda’s wonderful texture.

Where is Kosol?

This village is situated just 40 Kms away from Kullu. this village comes under the root of Manikarna – Bhuntar.

The Israelites started coming here about two decades ago. Initially, old Manali used to be his favorite destination.

After compulsory military training and service in his country, he used to come here to lounge in the hills.

Time to go to Kasol

The right time to go to Kasol is from March to October. During this time the weather here is very pleasant.

The Khadod House also means the cultural site of the Jews. This beautiful building has wooden floors and benches.

A young rabbi is a Jewish priest.

They have been specifically sent from Israel to help the Jews to worship and keep their attention on their leave.

There are 23 Khadad houses all over India. Khadad House, which is built here, gives this small hill village a cultural direction to Kasol.

Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River, is known as Parvati Valley.

This valley is famous for adventure among the tourists. There are several trekking sites around this valley.

Instead of roaming in Kasol, there is a lot of places to visit in this village, such as the Parvati River,

Kheer Ganga Peak, Malana, Tosh Village, Manikarna and Bhuntar etc.

Kullu is located 40 kilometers from Kasol.

It is one of the beautiful hill stations of Himachal Pradesh.

This place is very special for Trekking Lovers. Here are the Kheer Ganga Trek, Malana, The Great Himalayan National Park Trek for the trekking, which passes through this village.

Charming village

Cedar and pine trees standing beside the Parvati river make this village even more beautiful.

If you also want to see Kasol in the foothills of the Himalayas, then immediately plan your trip.

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