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blooming flower

bloom blooming flower

I am a flower blossoming in the garden. Everyone is familiar with my appearance and color.

I am the king of flowers rose. I was born in this garden.

Two days ago, these thorny and gentle branches were swinging like ourselves and other siblings.

Seeing myself as a bud, my mind was thinking that tomorrow I will become a flower too. That day also came and I made a full grown meaning, namely a rose.

The bees coming from my aroma started hovering over me. I gave my pollen to whirlpools.

Drops of dew shook me, strong winds wiped my mouth and learned to play in the light of the sun.

In the spring season, my beauty is formed. The rose is blossoming around the rose itself.

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bloom | blooming flower

Apart from this, my friend Champa, Jasmine, Juhi, Genda, Sunflower, Night Rani, who came into the park, also came out of the weather.

We all draw attention to the children, the elderly and the elderly, who have come to visit the garden, blooming together.

If someone tries to break or touch me, then the sharp thorns protect me.

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I do not only pollinate bees but also keep this polluted environment clean. With its fragrance, the atmosphere is sweet and enticing.

Today, people break into me and put them into machines, where I get ready in the form of rose water and perfumes and I have been used in beauty tables.


blooming flower | flower blossom

The marmalade of my flowers is also made. But how harsh and cruel human is, he does not want to hear my soft call, my compassion does not reach him.

Beautiful flowers, human beings are you the most beautiful.

The discriminating creature of creation is human On the plank of the festivals, it is said that “breaking the flower is forbidden”, but humans ignore them.

They break me down to make a necklace for leaders, worship God and break into the hairstyles of the bride.

I was also happy on this and forgot my pain. But seeing this, they saw me fluttering and they flung me down. A cleaner came in so many and I was thrown in the garbage barn.

bloom | blooming flower | flower blossom

In so many of my focus turned towards changing creativity. The one who has come will go but my end will be so sad that I had no hope of this.

This same human has planted me with my own hands, gave me water, manure etc., I was delighted with my blooming and faded me with a fist. This is my story.

bloom | blooming flower | flower blossom

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