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Indian farmer their basic problem | भारतीय किसान – मूलभूत समस्याएं

farmer’s insurance

today our subject is Indian farmer their basic problem

Even after a prolonged period of pre-independence India and independent India, the difference of only 19-20 is seen in the condition of Indian farmers.farmer’s insurance

The good farmers who are spoken can be counted on the fingers.Due to the increasing population, industrialization, and urbanization, the agricultural land area has declined continuously.


farmer's insurance

Agricultural education  Indian farmer their basic problem

In the country which has a population of 1.25 billion, and 70 percent of the country’s population is based on agriculture, the universities and colleges of agricultural education in that country are nominated, they lack the quality education.

In the era of globalization, through modern techno-multinational companies, which come into this country, it is a grave and considerable topic to spread the promotional mechanism of agriculture to those farmers.


Indian farmer their basic problem


The other aspect of education that can be kept in the category of management education is not only nominally.

In the absence of research institutes in the absence of research institutions at the national or state level, which are the universities of agricultural education, the high-end research is almost complete.

Whether there is a lack of institutions, lack of financial and technical facilities or lack of quality teachers, due to which there is no significant work after a green revolution. Farmers are dependent on divine grace only today.

The widespread publicity of agricultural education should be in the rural areas and education should be of minimum secondary level in every educational institution. They should be used in the lower level of wide publicity and production growth of agriculture.


Land acquisition policy – farmer’s insurance

It is necessary to make changes in the policy of land acquisition by the Central / State Governments or various development authorities constituted under the state in view of the arable land.

For industrial development, infrastructure development and residential plans, land should be subjected to non-agricultural purposes.

The acquisition of land such as barren waste and which has very low crop yields. The acquisition of land and the construction of the agricultural land should be restricted.


farmer’s insurance


With the indiscriminate acquisition of agricultural land for residential industrial and structural constructions, the arable land will become highly compressed, which will be unable to produce agricultural products for the fast-growing population.

It is also necessary that the farmers whose land is acquired should be taken literally on lease and the money should be provided annually on a lump sum payment basis as compensation for the lease period.

In addition to benefiting from the benefits being made in the projects, farmers should be kept as a shareholder in the project developed on acquired land so that they get regular participation in the benefits of the project.

farmer's insurance

Purchase and sale system Indian farmer their basic problem

 It is ironic that whenever a farm product comes into the market, its value continues to fall, and the arbitrators buy their goods at cheap rates, thereby making the business of agricultural losses.

Unfortunately, the concerned people determine the rates of production of industrial areas keeping in mind the cost, demand, and fulfillment, but the value of the farmers’ commodity is either determined by the government or the buyer,

in which the sale of the product that is immediately destroyed The time the farmer looks helpless.

farmer's insurance

Indian farmer their basic problem


In such a situation, the purchase and sale system should be made strong and transparent and its value should also be determined by the farmers on the basis of demand, supply, and cost.

It is well known that the product of the farmers becomes so much better than it starts rotting and the farmer is forced to throw it.

sometimes the product is so low that the middleman can buy at high rates by buying mediated rates at high rates. The farmer gets profit and the farmer gets cheated.

Information department is also responsible for the widespread of product value. Even today, the farmer does not have any mechanism that can determine whether the fair value of his product is in what market today and what are the chances of decreasing the value in the future?.

We are reading  Indian farmer their basic problem – farmer’s insurance


When he takes his product to the market then he realizes the expressions of that day. When the product is brought back home, the burden of the rent, the hassle, etc.

are forced to be seen in the buyers’ buccaneer and the organized gang of buyers purchases their product at the arbitrary prices.

Therefore, to get the fair value of their product to the farmers, any contemporary tactics should be created through their middle persons.

The arrangement should be made in the warehouses through co-operative societies, that if a farmer is not able to get the proper value of his product on someday,

his product should be stored in the warehouses of the cooperative purchasing and commerce committees and on that day 50 to 80 percent of the fresh value should be given in advance so that he can do his homework and social work.


Indian farmer their basic problem – farmer’s insurance


When the market value is at a high level, then the sale tax can be used to bring the savings of the committee and return the advance taken for its savings capital.

This is a very serious and thoughtful topic. This will facilitate the need to meet the immediate needs of small and marginal farmers and get the fair value of the crop.


Agricultural based industries Indian farmer their basic problem

farmer's insurance

farmer’s insurance

Agricultural-based industries should be set up in rural areas where minimum training can be provided to the people of the local population.

the product of the farmers can be consumed in them such as flour mills, rice mill, oil crusher, fruit growers Industries of various goods, papad, boats, chips, and pickles should be manufactured and arrangements should be made to send them to other parts of the country.

E. Small and cottage industries should also be set up keeping in mind the local product of rural unemployed for providing employment in rural areas.

farmer’s insurance

Swacch bharat abhiyan 

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